Brilliant marketing video

This video is so great I had to share it.

The Great Escape, a 2015 advertisement by Graubunden Tourism in Switzerland, is slightly similar to the WestJet Christmas Miracle campaign that I shared in 2013 in that it uses interactive technology to reach out to stressed-out travellers in a busy place, in this case a Zurich train station.

Via a special booth in the centre of the station, a genuine Graubunden mountain man sitting outdoors in his idyllic mountain village is able to see and talk to passersby in the train station. He charmingly interacts with them and invites them to visit him in the mountains that very afternoon. He even offers to call their teachers or bosses to provide an excuse for their absence. If the travellers accept, the screen prints out a train ticket and all they need to do is jump on the train on the next platform.

The surfboard’s a sweet touch!