Perhaps the best job posting I’ve ever seen

About a month ago I saw a job posting from Penguin Books shared by a friend on Facebook. It was called Impress a Penguin ( and was unlike any job posting I’d ever seen before. It is brilliant!

Screen shot of one portion of Penguin Books' brilliant job posting

Screen shot of one portion of Penguin Books’ brilliant job posting “Impress a Penguin”

It’s a stellar bit of branding and simultaneously it is a fun, creative and charming way of reaching out and inspiring potential job applicants to excel. This career posting for a Community Manager seems guaranteed to produce results — both the ideal candidate for the job as well as brilliant ideas for the future.

I just had to share it.

P.S. I loved this ad so much that I wrote (well, my black-and-white cat Oliver wrote) a fan email to its creator, Alan Trotter. The fun continued because when you click on the link to his email the subject line “Flattery” appears.